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Apptha Marketplace 2 helps ecommerce business aspirants to build a Magento 2 multi vendor store without needing a development team to get things done from the scratch. It is instant as it has all the necessary features pre-built and can also be taken live in minutes with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud support. This Magento 2 multi vendor script provides free add-ons that will improve sales and user enrollments significantly. Adding to this, this Magento 2 multi vendor extension provides dashboards for the most active participants of the marketplace store, admin and sellers, to know what's happening in sales in real-time. Apptha Marketplace 2 is a Magento 2 multi vendor module that is 100% customizable which means it can be tweaked or downsized to put in any specific feature.

Magento 2 MultiVendor Marketplace Software




A advance magento 2 marketplace software which makes my eCommerce website in a quick way. This script which has a advanced features so the eCommerce website very attractive.



A perfect place to start a eCommerce website, i purchased this marketplace software for my jewellery website very easy to make and customization is so simple. just go with it.



I want to make a eCommerce website like amazon, well which is the best way to make it i have a little bit knowledge about it. How this magento 2 eCommerce software is used to make a eCommerce website like amazon.



Apptha Magento 2 markeplace software supports best features. This script which is most secure and reliable in customization part and support team is awesome replied my query very patiently.



I purchased this magento 2 ecommerce software, quite simple in customization additionally the features which are present which make a eCommerce website very rich.



Now my ecommerce web store get more conversions after the integration of this multivendor marketplace script. Additional features are really helpful for my estore performance.



This magento 2 multi vendor script have separate dashboard functions for both sellers and buyers. Portfolio page option is advantageous for the sellers who can able to customize their product information easily.